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Automated deep security scanning and malware detection is included for all our hosting clients.

Although, as a limited, absolutely no-obligation offer – we invite any other webmaster who think they might be infected with malware to submit your site for free malware detection service.

The service is absolutely free for now.

We use advanced malware detection technology and specialized scanning software to pinpoint possible location of all kinds of malicious scripts, hidden backdoors, nasty exploits and malware within your file system.

If you are interested to take advantage of free scanning offer, please contact us either via SSL secure contact form or directly by email (support at and provide the following:

  1. Your email address.
  2. Your FTP access credentials (URL + username + password)

Please note that we do not guarantee that your request will be accepted as this is free service.

If your request will be accepted – this is the process:

  1. We receive, evaluate our current load and confirm that your request is accepted by email.
  2. We connect to your hosting space and copy set of WEB files (up to a certain limit only) to our specialized malware scanning server.
  3. We perform malware scanning on our server and deliver you the results by email.
  4. NOTES:
    1. The process only includes detection and reporting of found malware. It does not include effort to repair, fix, reinstall or otherwise remove malware from your hosting space. We do offer paid removal and malware cleanup service – and the price for it depends on intensity of malware infection, damages caused and web software involved.
    2. We absolutely do not modify or install anything on your hosting space. We will delete your files from our server space after scanning process is completed.

By requesting free malware scanning service you confirm that:

  1. You understand that in order to process your request we require to obtain full copy of your files locally.
  2. We will delete your files as soon as scanning is completed.

Request FREE Malware scanning

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