Advanced Data Center

Advanced Data Center

State of the art, brand new North American data centre facilities

  • Optimized for real business needs
  • SEO ranking boost
  • Low ratio dedicated server hosting
  • RAID backups of all data
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Reliable Messaging Grid

Reliable Messaging Grid

SendGrid-powered, reliable email delivery infrastructure included

  • Email auto routing via SendGrid
  • Eliminates IP blacklisting fears
  • Direct support for Wordpress
  • Support for most web apps
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Real time protection

Real time protection

Eliminates backdoors, malware, viruses and malicious scripts

  • Intrusion detection blocks and ban
  • Real time malware scans
  • Real time file upload scans
  • Port scan auto block and ban
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Boost your SEO speed!

Hostrum makes your site work faster and load faster. Google loves fast websites and this will reflect positively on your organic rankings as well.
Hostrum websites runs on average 4x-10x+ the speed of websites hosted within other shared hosting plans.

Reach more customers

Hostrum emailing is powered by SendGrid – reliable, cloud-based hosting service. This ensures that all emails sent from your website will reach your clients and potential customers. This greatly helps to increase the quality of your communications.

Enjoy malware-free business

We scan your website space in real time for any possible malware, malicious scripts and viruses. We also check any uploaded file to ensure no evil can slip through.
We detect any attempt to break into system and ban offenders on IP level for a long time.

Customer Review

“After switching my site to Hostrum I immediately noticed not only faster loading pages of my online store, but more replies from potential customers. Apparently at my previous hoster many emails were lost due to poor anti-spam measures. At Hostrum I got way faster site, better connections and more customers all at once. Recommended!”

Olga E, CEO,

About Hostrum

Hostrum was born out of our effort to solve quality issues with most major hosting companies. Overselling services became hosting industry’s unfortunate norm. Sites were running gradually slower, SEO ranking suffered, emails weren’t delivered reliably and malware infections turned into regular, time consuming, expensive tasks.
We decided to build our own business on the high quality foundation from the ground up where service, quality and security are top priorities.

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